Salinas Standard Mineral Lick

Why do cow’s need minerals?

Minerals play a key role in enhancing fertility. Thus, trace minerals are especially important during the last 90 days before calving and then through the breeding season. Providing trace minerals prior to weaning can also help produce a better immune response and weaning weights among calves.

Lack of minerals will result to:

  • Calcium deficient: Milk Fever is a blood calcium deficiency that occurs in does just before or after kidding… Normal labor and lactation in goats is typically accompanied by mild hypocalcaemia (lower-than-normal calcium levels).
  • Selenium deficient: does may have birthing problems and not pass their placenta in a timely manner. They may give birth to kids with white muscle disease.
  • Magnesium deficient: Goats deficient in magnesium have lowered urine and milk production and may become anorexic.
  • Potassium deficient: Emaciation and muscle weakness are signs of severe potassium deficiency.
  • Sodium Chloride: A deficiency cause’s reduced growth feed efficiency and weight loss.
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