Salinas Red Mineral Lick

Why do goats need minerals?

Goats have been around forever, and no one buys minerals for wild goats, so why should you provide minerals for your goats? Because goats in the wild are not fenced in. They are free to range over thousands of acres looking for what they need. Goats in the wild live in deserts and mountains, not on the plains and prairies or feedlots.

Goats in the wild drink only rain water or water from creeks and lakes. They do not drink water that has been pumped up from 100 feet below the ground. Well water in many areas is high in sulfur, iron, or calcium, which inhibits the absorption of other minerals, such as copper, leading to deficiency. If you have well water, not only do you need to have a complete goat mineral available, but you may also need to provide additional copper supplementation.

Lack of minerals will result to:

  • Copper deficient goats will have problem with infertility, miscarriage, failing to shed their winter coat. They will also have a much harder time dealing with parasites.
  • Selenium deficient does may have birthing problems and not pass their placenta in a timely manner. They may give birth to kids with white muscle disease.
  • Magnesium deficient affected animals that have low-blood magnesium levels, exhibit a loss of appetite, are excitable stagger, have convulsions, and may die.
  • Zinc deficient goats lose hair in patches and foam at the mouth. This is just a sample of the problems you will see if your goats are not properly nourished.
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